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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Code Smithery

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ASP.NET MVC - Problems with Separation of Concerns

Why is the ViewModel's part in the scheme of things so hard to understand?

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Often in ASP.NET MVC, the term ViewModel is confused with the ViewModel of the MVVM pattern. This problem surfaced itself with this programmer's very astute question about the seperation of concerns when trying to design an application solution. This person found the role of the ViewModel in ASP.NET MVC confusing and problematic.  

I try to clarify this matter by showing that the ViewModel used in the ASP.NET MVC Pattern is not the same thing as the ViewModel in the MVVM pattern. they just happen to share the same title.

Read on, and be sure to offer your comments on the subject.

When DataTable Parameters really come in handy

When not to use a C# client to iterate through rowsets thus making multiple requests to SQL-Server

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This is a another Stack Overflow question I answered for someone concerning the best way to handle processing data changes in a C# client connecting to a SQL-Server data store.

The question was like this:

I am trying to optimize Quartz .NET scheduler by eliminating the foreach iteration through each jobs.

Read more

Using Linq to sort a list on the sum of multiple fields

Not rocket science, but I had to put in my 2 cents on this StackOverflow question.

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A programmer on Stack Overflow asked a question about sorting a list based upon the sum of multiple fields. Someone else answered the question before I could and gave the simplest approach and a very good answer. But I wanted to get my answer in too, so I posted this response to Stack Overflow.

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